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Hi and Welcome to Aqua Washing Machines. My name is Mark and I provide a mobile repair service to the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. I have been in business for over 25 years having first started with one of the major manufacturers, Hoover. I am honest, can let you know the price up front via email. Try our  free phone estimate service where you will speak to Mark.  We have a fixed price for labour charge as seen on this page.

Our $99 + Parts Web Special for Eastern Suburbs Customers Sydney

Our offer of $99.00 includes all work and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. You just need to pay extra for parts if needed. Call Mark on 0412 285 205.

Common General Problems !

Since I started, washing machines have changed over the years. Now most of the machines are controlled by microprocessors. They control the temperature of the wash, wash cycle and everything else from start to finish. You need to program which cycle suits your needs best. Sometimes they can be troublesome. They can let you know when a problem does arise, and of its origin. They can also go faulty, meaning your fault is a wholly electronic based fault. Your pump on a Fisher & Paykel may seem faulty, symptoms – ( machine is full of water). It could be the microprocessor not giving the signal to the pump causing the problem. If you have any problems with any type of washing machine, submit your comments to our blog and you will get a response always by a fully qualified technician.